Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Cellar Bar ... A truly unique venue , Open for business.

Fuller's very own beer sommelier Ashley Cherrett in full swing.
Last month saw our very first ticketed event for our beautiful little cellar "tasting bar".

A local business organised a group of 20 people, it was a language school from Barnes, it was not your usual , expected group of language students but a more well healed, mature version that turned up. They had not a clue what lay in store and found themselves in an environment totally alien to them, in the form of a British pub cellar (though no ordinary cellar).

We started the ball rolling with a guided tour and a full run down of casks, kegs, bungs, stillages, shives, keystones, epoxy resin floor paint, gas systems, fob monitors  and many more riveting snippets of information. It was not long before they started to get hooked, in fact it was about the same time that they were allowed to pour themselves their very first pint of Fuller's London Pride straight from the cask. !
 Then they were caught in our spell. Just as the first sip of cask conditioned ale was passing their lips, our secret weapon, the brewery's very own beer sommelier Ashley Cherrett pounced into action, offering his expert opinions and advice on flavours that can be found in the pint of bright amber beer and where they have all derived from. We hold many examples of malts and hops, the raw ingredients, here so everyone had a close up, first hand insight into the brewer's mystic arts.

It wasn't long before we unleashed our next stroke of sorcery in the form of an accompanying morsel of food, hand chosen by us, the experts, to compliment the beer, bring out the flavours and take ale drinking to heights they had never dreamed of.
After that they were all, quivering putty in our hands, all completely hooked on cask conditioned ale, food pairing, cellar techniques and the workings thereof.

Two hours passed, more conversation flowed, different beers were poured each complimented with  it's own bite and eventually the merry bunch of beer conscripts, then retired to the more familiar surroundings of the pub to finish their evening, each one owning a little more information than they had before they commenced their journey of discovery.

..... and that's a promise that we make to you too !

If you would like to book yourself an evening as described above then give us a ring (02087482984), drop us a tweet or email a message.

It really is a unique, interesting ,inexpensive, fun, couple of hours, that you'll be hard stretched to find anywhere else. ... go on , you won't regret it, see you soon !

Parties are limited to  a maximum of 20 and a minimum of 10 persons.

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