Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Barnes Business Social


The pub has long been the heart & soul of British Community life, it has seen this country through good & bad times and should always remain so. The pub is not all about bricks & mortar, the wine & beer or even the cappuccinos or hand cut chips. Without the local community's support it soon becomes an empty soulless shell. In contrast the local community also needs the pub, it gels people together, it's services help fuel debates, people share ideas, discuss other people, help make decisions good or bad, it helps create enterprise just by drawing different people together.

This may all be a quick & lazy analogy designed to suit our requirements, but it is worth thinking about, we have seen it in action & continue to do so everyday.

With all of that foremost in our minds we now take this opportunity to launch a venture onto the business & retail local community in Barnes & it's surrounding areas.
We are calling it the "Barnes Business Social".
Our aim is to create a hub of local retailers, business owners, managers & their like to come together in the pub once every blue moon or so, we'll lay on a few nibbles, & you , well, social ! Get to know one another, share ideas, gossip, moan about Joe public, create or renew ties & bonds. With these new relationships we will all start to support each other & who knows where it could end up ? It's like social media but in an old fashioned format - face to face, how quaint !    

The Red Lion, don't forget played a part ,large or small, in the inspiration for Jimi Hendrix to write his Purple Haze album , so let The Red Lion inspire you too. If you would like to be on board email us now to register your interest, put "Barnes Business Social" into the subject heading. When we have amassed a worthy number we can set a date for our first bash ! , the rest, hopefully, will be history.

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