Thursday, 17 January 2013

Open Cellar !

 As if we are not busy enough at the moment running around trying to organise, our most fantastically awe inspiring Great Sausage Roll off, here's another reason to pay a visit to The Red Lion, Barnes.

We are throwing open our doors to the beer cellar, something which will probably not float your boat or grab your attention at all , but , give this a chance & honestly you will be pretty impressed. If you have thoughts of a grubby little room, full of boxes & odours of stale beer then you could not be further from the truth. Come down this Wednesday 23rd Jan, between 12noon till 3pm or in the evening after 7pm & have your preconceptions blown out of the water. Our beer cellar, and a lot of Fuller's beer cellars come to that, is the engine room of the pub, here we condition & finish off the ales which our Masterbrewer has sent us, if you want an insight into this world then pop along & you can taste a drop straight out of the cask, poured by your own hands.
Have a look at the barrel to glass journey. Witness how we train our staff, look & smell some raw of the ingredients of beer. If you're not impressed by then, we promise to refund you your money.........
(by the way it's free !)

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