Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Our "Big Curry" Friday, October 19th 2012

We only discovered this wonderful organisation "ABF The Big Curry" last year after seeing tweets from various people & establishments, we quickly recognised the importance & relevance of it & signed up only to realise that we were a bit late, however, a year has since passed & the good news is we are ready, willing, & able to host our first one, &, all going well, many more for years to come. We really hope this will become a regular addition to our annual calendar.
Now in its 6th year, ABF The Soldiers' Charity are asking  people across the UK to join in their flagship fund raising event 'The Soldiers' Charity Big Curry' in October. By signing up to host a one off Big Curry themed event we can help to support and raise funds for our soldiers, former soldiers and their families.
We, at the Red Lion, have also gone one step further & invited some serving soldiers from a local London barracks to come down & enjoy an evening on us as a way of showing our gratitude for all their hard work. After much coercion, the promise of a belly full of beer & a curry was too much to resist so they will be here on the night. 
The date will be the evening of Friday 19th October. It will be at a price of £15 per head, with £2.50 of it to go towards the charity. We are looking to gain some prizes to auction off on the night & there will also be collecting tins available if you feel you would like to donate more to the cause.
Those of you who know the Red Lion appreciate that we strive to serve the best food we can & at value for money. The food will be a selection of various curries, dahls, rices, chapatis, & other foods.The final menu will appear here soon, but rest assured it will be expertly cooked & definitely be a spread not to be missed.

Finally the evening would not be complete without a mention of the beer, although not compulsory, we really can not pass up the opportunity to match our wonderful curry night with a wonderful beer match that almost seems perfect for the event. Fullers Bengal Lancer is a fine example of an India Pale Ale, deep & golden with a lush, hoppy aroma, packed with oily, sappy resins & laced with a sherbety citrus note. There’s an almost pineapple-like tropical fruit character, too, with everything built on a sturdy bed of biscuity pale and crystal malt. Perfect to wash down your curry.
For this night you will be able to book a table, so don't delay & give us a call on
0208 7482984 or click here to email us......NOW !

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