Friday, 20 May 2011

"Sunday Lunch"... it says it on the tin.

Yorkies with everything.
 Our first post in what seems like an age. We are almost through May now, with the BBQ season in full swing & quite a lot of Bank holidays already under our belt. We have hog roasted, whole lamb roasted & regularly spit roast chickens in the garden, but it is Sunday Lunch that is still as crazy as ever, with the usual queues forming outside the front of the pub come opening time. These are the regulars who know that we have a no bookings policy & want to secure their table early on, a wise choice and well worth the sacrifice.Our Sunday lunch is one of the best known in the area, another fact we are proud of.

Arise!  Sir Loin
  As you can see we make everything on the day, with duck fat roasted potatoes, glazed carrots, fluffy Yorkshire pudding, swede & carrot mash, plus at least two other seasonal vegetables. The gravy is made from a stock pot that has been on the go from three days hence.

A shank so soft, you can leave your teeth at home.

 The meat choice usually comes in three forms - Sirlion of Beef, Whole Roast Chicken for two to share or Slow roast Lamb Shank that ,come service, is clinging on to the bone with every last ounce of it's ever diminishing strength.

  We fully appreciate the Sunday Lunch trade is a done deal in pubs & restaurants up & down the country. We do not pretend to be a market leader using rare breed this & that or organic home grown that & this from the farm next door.(There IS no farm next door, only a used car dealership !)
  What we offer is a good quality, carefully considered, well cooked plate of food that you will eat, hopefully enjoy, and then leave contented that it has done exactly what it said it would on the tin.
  In fact that pretty much sums up our ethos about food at The Red Lion Barnes, we employ chefs, yes they know what they are doing, yes they are trained & yes, they can cook,  they enjoy their work & they work hard. We are not trying to gain a Michelin star,(unless you know someone who is giving them away) we just aim to feed normal people and make them happy - Simple !........well it's not, but we make it look like it is !

Well, what you looking at ? It's Steak & Chips of course !!

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