Thursday, 3 March 2011

It's all about the drink.

One thing that has not yet been given coverage on the blog is our selection of drinks available, silly really considering it's a pub & all!.
Of course we offer the usual pub fayre & are continually on the lookout to keep up with the pack & serve the latest offerings whilst trying not to alienate our market, in that, just because, we, know about products, from within the trade and/or think they are cool , it doesn't follow on that customers actually want them. So whilst we do keep up to date, we also keep it real.

Malt Selection

We try to not to over stock , thus you won't find that old bottle of Creme de Menthe on the back of the bar gathering dust since 1989 !, nor will you find the entire range (or indeed any) of Bacardi Breezers or any other sickly alcopops.

Sipsmith Gin, amongst others.
But we do have most bases covered. We have recently revisited our Malt whisky selection, dumped a few, & got in a few newbies, Glenrothes, Auchetoshan & the Welsh Penderyn being the latest additions, I am seriously considering holding a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue label , but will probably wait until the demand increases ! We are also very happy to be stocking Sipsmith Gin, from just over the bridge in Hammersmith.

Whatever we do.......

Our biggest focus are our Cask Conditioned ales, always Fuller's own & being a "Mastercellerman" means that the ales are always served in peak condition. The stalwarts of the bar are London Pride, ESB & Chiswick with the fourth being the seasonal option. Fuller's London Porter & Organic Honeydew are also available as a kegged version, both of which have a very popular & loyal following. (The chef can't keep his hands off our London Porter, you will often find it used in our cooking)

The wine list is carefully chosen and most varieties & countries have a fair representation.You can view the complete list over to the right hand side of here.

Boon, Kreik & Framboise.
We are not a big bottle beer pub, but are extremely happy to be one of the few selling the Swedish cider ,Rekorderlig, it is proving to be very popular and will be interesting to see how it sells this summer. We have an exiting secret planned on this but am not telling yet.
Also available are the Boon, Lambic fruit beers, Framboise & Kreik, they have a solid fanbase from our aficionados rightly so, because are very delicous & a premium product.

Ringden Farm Apple Juice

Soft drinks are a large part of our portfolio, we have a good range of the Bottle Green Presses along with Ringden Farm apple juices, a firm favourite with our younger clientele.

Bottlegreen Presses

Our hot beverages offer most of the Twining tea varieties, herbal, fruit or otherwise, the obligatory coffee selection and our famous deluxe hot chocolate, with chocolate spoon, cream & marshmallows.

V.I.P nuts

Last but not least is one of our favourite products VIP nuts, believe it or not another one of our locally sourced products.Available loose from kilner jars, a perfect accompaniment to that long deserved drink.

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